My Journey to Heaven: What I Saw and How It Changed My Life by Marv Besteman, with Lorilee Craker

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Retired banker Marv Besteman just wanted to keep his mouth shut. His trip to heaven during a hospital stay was not an easy thing to explain. He had conversations with the apostle Peter, waved at his deceased grandparents, and smiled at long-gone friends. Lorilee Craker’s easy-reading prose captures his experience in their joint effort My Journey to Heaven. Besteman reported that he will dance in heaven, and we will too. The book is all the more poignant given that Besteman passed away last year before his book was printed. (Revell)

About the Author

Reginald Smith is the Director of Diversity for the Christian Reformed Church. He attends Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Interesting. I will be reading this one when I get a second. Near Death Experiences (NDEs) can shed light on the nature of the spiritual realm and life after death, but deception is possible in the spiritual realm as well (it is not only God's dimension, it is also Satan's). I would caution against anyone choosing the facts of NDE experiences over the Bible's truth where they do not match. I've read a large number of these accounts* and while most line up with the Word, some do not.

As long as there is sin, there is always the possibility for deception and to quote the best movie of all time, people who have NDEs are not free from deception, they're only "mostly dead." **

* Some other good NDE books are the Christian classic "My Dream of Heaven" By Rebecca Reuter Springer, written in the 1800s and "Heaven is for Real" a current best seller (about a little boy who dies and returns..don't remember the author).

** Miracle Max, "The Princess Bride."