The Ex-Nun Poems by by Jeanine Hathaway

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Jeanine Hathaway’s latest poetry collection, The Ex-Nun Poems, attends to everyday enfleshments of the Trinity with playful reverence. This ex-nun senses God in the conventional serenity of the desert monastery, where “monks file outside / in the fullness of their insular habits.” She sees Christ in a comic book creator’s “roar of blood and water.” Tucked into her nun’s headgear are “small feathers, from / the Holy Spirit.” Through peculiar yet precise sensory imagery and spare, vibrant language, Hathaway’s poems prove that our whole world—from the pool to the zoo to the prison—is bustling with holy mystery. (Finishing Line Press)

About the Author

Adele Konyndyk is a communications writer for World Renew, a creative writer, and a member of First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church in Ontario.



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