New Wild Everywhere by by Great Lake Swimmers

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Great Lake Swimmers has a tradition of recording folk harmonies in odd and isolated Canadian locations such as a lakeside church or an island. Their fifth album, New Wild Everywhere, emerged from the studio, yet the earthy beauty of their music holds. Its lyrics are rich in physical imagery: rock, wind, forest, and sea. Tony Dekker’s gentle vocals blend naturally with guitars and multiple violins. It seems this band can make new, wild, graceful music anywhere. The upbeat “Easy Come, Easy Go” stands out as the catchiest track, but even their hushed melodies will hook you. For a special treat, listen to a podcast of New Wild Everywhere performed live in Toronto on CBC Radio’s website. (Nettwerk Records)

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Adele Konyndyk is a communications writer for World Renew, a creative writer, and a member of First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church in Ontario.



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I couldn't agree more! "Easy Come, Easy Go" is one of the best new songs I've heard in a long while. Thanks, Adele, for highlighting this.

Can't wait to listen!