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Bahamas Is Afie by Bahamas


Afie Jurvanen is a Canadian of Finnish descent who has a recent history of playing guitar with notable musicians such as Jack Johnson, Great Lake Swimmers, and Feist. In 2009 he released his first solo album under the recording name Bahamas.

Bahamas Is Afie, Jurvaven's third and latest album, is a unique fusion of folk and pop rock with a dash of jazz. Through first-person lyrics, he sings about new attractions, difficult partings, shaking off bitterness, and owning up to blame. On the track “Can’t Take You with Me,” for example, Jurvanen soothingly sings: “I can't take you with me now I know it /Though the love was in me I did not show it.” That is just one of the many melodies on the album enhanced by orchestral accompaniments.

Several songs showcase Jurvaven’s graceful mastery of the guitar; he is reportedly self-taught, which makes his playing all the more impressive. This fresh and pleasant album bears repeated listens and will satisfy listeners looking for warm, mellow music with lyrical depth. (Brushfire Records/Universal Records)


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