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There are many more reviews in the online Banner than we can fit into print. Here are some excerpts from past album reviews that you might have missed; click on the links to read the full stories.

Clear Blue Morning, by sounding light: “The choir’s flawless interpretation, articulation, and intonation unite as a shout from the soul.”

Follow Me Down, by Sarah Jarosz: “Her instrumental expertise is only matched by a lilting voice that complements her largely self-penned songs.”

Give Us Rest, by The David Crowder Band: “The band known for its unconventional approach doesn’t disappoint.”

The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond, produced by T Bone Burnett: “Burnett’s Christian faith seeps out of these tracks in a subtle way, and the album is full of artists who reference faith often in their music.”

With Love, by Rosie Thomas: “This upbeat, peaceful, and personal offering is the best she has produced yet.”

Wrecking Ball, by Bruce Springsteen: “Even as Springsteen sings about hardship, there is always a sense of hope.”

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