Ten Myths About Calvinism by by Kenneth J. Stewart

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Many Calvinists were surprised to read in Time magazine that "The New Calvinism" was one of the “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now” back in 2009. Of course, defining Calvinism can be tricky. Kenneth Stewart (a theologian at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Tenn.) provides a fine addition to that debate with Ten Myths About Calvinism: Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition. The subtitle clearly communicates Stewart’s goal. Both advocates and detractors of Calvinism have often shrunk it down to a few easily explained or criticized points. The reality is much bigger and much more interesting. Thoroughly researched and accessible, this book has much to teach even lifers in the Reformed tradition. (InterVarsity)

About the Author

Rev. Steven J. Van Zanen is director for Missions Mobilization, Christian Reformed World Missions, Grand Rapids, Mich.