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Growing up, Festo didn’t have the opportunity to continue his education. This made landing a good job challenging.

Finding little ways to earn money, either through agriculture or small businesses, was the only way he knew how to make a living.

His attempts at getting his own business up and running remained unsuccessful.

In hopes of earning a better income, Festo left his small Tanzanian community to become a fisherman. But even then, the money he earned wasn’t enough to provide for his wife and four children.

Meanwhile, World Renew and its partner, the African Inland Church of Tanzania, started to organize savings and lending trainings in Festo’s village. 

After learning about the program, he took advantage of the opportunity to join a savings group. Festo connected with 30 other members and learned how to save small amounts of money each week.
Over time, their money began to grow.

Festo and his wife borrowed money from the savings group and used it to buy 1.5 acres of land just outside of their village.

Then Festo took another loan to buy what he needed to start growing tomatoes.

For his first growing season, Festo planted 600 seedlings and was able to harvest 337 bags of tomatoes. After selling the tomatoes, he earned enough money to pay back his loan and begin building a new house for his family.

The next season, Festo took out another loan to plant tomatoes.This time he planted 8,000 seedlings on his land; after selling his harvest, he nearly doubled his profit.

The extra money has helped him finish building his new house. Without paying rent, his family is more financially stable. Festo has also earned enough profit to open up a small shop selling agriculture supplies.

Now Festo can afford to send his children to school and ensure their future is not hindered by the cycle of poverty.

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