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For Saboern, it felt like a bad situation that was only getting worse. Her family continued to struggle to make ends meet, and it was becoming more difficult to care for her sick mother.

Trying to get by, Saboern and her husband took out a large loan, but they couldn’t afford to pay it back. Fed up with the way their life was turning, Saboern and her family packed up their belongings and moved away from their remote Cambodian village to the city of Phnom Penh.

Saboern hoped that moving to the city would bring more opportunities for her and her husband to find work. With higher pay, she could provide a better future for her two children and pay back their loan.

Saboern found a job as a garment worker, earning $120 USD each month.

Soon after, her husband found a new job as a porter carrying cement throughout the city. But their income still wasn’t enough to cover their daily expenses.

After a couple of years in Phnom Penh, Saboern and her family decided to move back home to their village. After getting settled, Saboern was introduced to a new development program that World Renew and its partner, Organization to Develop Our Villages (ODOV), had launched in their community.

Saboern was excited to participate and learn new skills to help her generate a better income and care for her family.

Through training and financial support, Saboern was able to dig a fish pond and build a small house. She worked diligently on her small plot of land to test the new agriculture techniques she had learned during her training.

Everything Saboern has learned has helped her family get a fresh start.

“I can stay in my village and make a living from growing vegetables and raising poultry and fish. Besides growing for our own consumption, I can sell produce to earn extra income. In addition, my children are healthier because they can eat enough nutritious food from my farm.”

Saboern said she and her family are grateful for their decision to move back home.

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