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At a typical IMPACT youth club meeting, one of Jack and Kelly Organ’s students would hit and threaten other students while refusing to participate in activities—all of which resulted in having to send him home early.

Jack and Kelly Organ serve in Romania with Christian Reformed World Missions. Although they admit that this student named Bumb frustrated them, he has also become a reason why they love working with youth clubs.

In hopes of helping him, they decided to love him as best they could.

Although Bumb was sent home almost every week for the first year, he always showed up first for the next IMPACT meeting.

The Organs began talking more with Bumb outside of IMPACT meetings and let him help them with little jobs around the office. They even talked to his teacher about his behavior and grades.

The school Bumb was going to was not very helpful for students with special needs, When students acted out in the classroom, the teachers weren't usually equipped to respond.

Back at the IMPACT club meetings, Bumb slowly began to join other club members, serving in his unique way at community activities organized by the IMPACT Club.

“Bumb is good at seeing the unpopular tasks that need to be done and just doing them,” said Kelly Organ. “Vacuuming, sitting at the door to make sure no one steals coats. . . . It might sound strange or lonely, but it's a way he likes to serve, so we try to let him know we notice his help and appreciate him.”

The Organs say God is using Bumb to create positive change among members of the IMPACT club and their wider community. He now attends an alternative school, where his teachers can give him more attention. They hope he will be able to graduate with a Romanian equivalent to a GED.

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