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As a Muslim living in North Africa, Zafir had many questions about the Christian faith. But looking for answers in this part of the world is risky. Contacting a Christian or purchasing Christian literature would be dangerous.

Thanks to Back to God Ministries Arabic media outreach, in partnership with MERF (Middle East Reformed Fellowship) and Words of Hope, God’s Word is getting into the hands of new believers, seasoned Christians, and Muslim seekers like Zafir.

One of the most exciting new ways to reach people in North Africa and the Middle East is an Arabic Facebook page that shares daily inspirational quotes from Jesus. Most Muslims think of Jesus as a great prophet and are open to hearing what he has to say.

Facebook offers an opportunity for them to engage in conversation about the Christian faith with trained mentors who invite them to send text messages with additional questions.

Through text messages, mentors also encourage seekers to read specific Bible passages available on BTGMI’s website.

Each day the BTGMI Arabic ministry receives an average of 12 first-time responses like this from Muslims wanting to know more about the Christian faith. Praise God for all those who have made a commitment to be Christ-followers.

Zafir testified, “As a Muslim I had many questions and doubts about Jesus the Christ and the holy gospel. I am truly grateful for the loving spirit of those who have guided me and others to the true ways.”

Thanks to your support for the BTGMI Arabic ministry through ministry shares and individual gifts, many Muslims are learning the truth about Jesus and finding hope in him.

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