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Back to God Ministries International

Our Shared MInistry

“Telling His Story . . . Sharing His Love” sums up our mission. The CRC’s media ministry is now known as Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) to better describe its deep commitment to evangelism and discipleship worldwide.

Thanks to your support, we are using media to reach people in 190 countries, even in places otherwise closed to the gospel. Indigenous ministry teams use radio, television, telephone ministries, the Internet, and print media to deliver God’s Word in culturally relevant ways.

What’s New

God has blessed Back to God Ministries International’s efforts by bringing many people to faith in him. In Africa, 20,000 people crowded into a stadium to hear evangelistic messages from Rev. Paul Mpindi, and 5,300 responded. In Indonesia, 10,000 believers and new Christians are receiving spiritual encouragement and discipleship as part of a new “listener communities” initiative.

In the vast mission field of China, seekers and new believers have little knowledge of the Christian faith, making the Internet an increasingly important tool for answering their questions. A new Chinese website was added to deliver the daily Chinese TODAY devotional to help disciple people.

All seven daily Arabic-language programs for Muslims and isolated Christians in the Middle East expanded from 15-minute to 30-minute broadcasts. A text-messaging ministry receives 400 responses each month, many from Muslims who secretly want to know more about Jesus.

Partnering with the CRC Korean Council, the TODAY devotional is now being published in a bilingual Korean-English format, with an estimated 10,000 copies being sent to homes and churches in North America and Korea.

English ministry in North America continues to expand through Walk the Way, a new radio/Internet ministry that  challenges listeners to find out how God matters and how to live out faith in everyday life. Partnerships with congregations provide assistance for using media more effectively in local outreach ministries.

Thanks to faithful support of partners in North America and Brazil, a new international ministry center is being built in Campinas, Brazil. The facility will enable expanded outreach in Spanish and Portuguese and provide new opportunities for production in other languages as well.



United States: 800-879-6555;


Canada: 1-800-730-3490; 905-336-2920

Quick Facts

  • Each month about 532,000 individuals respond to the outreach of Back to God Ministries International. Most of those who respond obtain discipleship information from one of our 21 websites; but a monthly average of 16,220 people write, phone, or visit one of our 53 international follow-up centers.

  • We produce 47 unique radio programs in nine languages, aired on 1,643 stations worldwide; and six TV programs in three languages, aired on 129 stations.

  • Last year 60 “listener communities” were established in remote regions of Indonesia where there are no churches. Almost 3,000 families—about 10,000 people—meet monthly to pray, discuss radio sermons, study the Bible, and encourage one another.

  • The number of French-speaking African listeners who completed BTGMI’s Bible study correspondence course totals more than 9,000.

We Are Counting on You

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