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Jeremiah is one of the very first people to join the Hope Project for the Disabled, a ministry with physically disabled people in Tanzania, East Africa. One of Jeremiah’s legs is shorter than the other and doesn’t reach the ground, so he walks with a stick.

Jeremiah has gone through many struggles both within his organization and also in his personal life. Some Muslim leaders started to denounce the Christian values instilled through the partnership with CRWRC Tanzania. Jeremiah is one of the leaders who stood by their faith and fought to see the Muslim leadership voted out of office.

While he worked so hard for this organization, his own income-generating projects, one of raising chickens for sale and the other vegetable gardening, took a nosedive. In appreciation for his determination and commitment to serve others with disabilities, CRWRC advanced him an interest-free loan of 200,000 Tanzanian shillings (about $160 U.S.) to restart his projects.

Recently Jeremiah came to visit us at the office. Usually when he comes, he brings his loan repayment installments to Matthew, our projects officer. But that day Jeremiah also brought a small cardboard box with holes perforated around it. He told Matthew that he had a thanksgiving parcel for me.

Jeremiah was all smiles when I stepped out of my office to meet him. His first words were full of praise to God for enabling him to restart his income-generating projects. He also brought his scheduled loan repayment.

After exchanging the greetings that answer many questions from garden, chicken, family, neighbors, faith, etc. Jeremiah showed me the box. I was awe-struck. The box contained a live chicken. He wanted me to share in his success.

I could not imagine how he had carried that box with a live chicken and a pack of green peppers from his garden while walking with a stick and a leg that barely touches the ground.

Jeremiah, Matthew, and I rejoiced in the knowledge of how great God is and how wonderful it was that we could witness positive change in Jeremiah’s life and income. It’s because of the support CRWRC receives from all our friends and congregations that we are able to help people’s lives to change for the better.

Jeremiah now has a steady income from his vegetable garden and his chickens. I am happy to keep serving God through the ministry of CRWRC and to keep smiling with God’s people whose lives have been positively touched by our deeds.

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