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Since its formation in 2005, The Journey, a growing Christian Reformed congregation in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, has achieved a level of success. Now at 170 members, the church still enjoys a steady stream of newcomers.

But being a thriving church isn't enough for Rev. Adrian Van Giessen, senior pastor of The Journey, which was started with assistance from Christian Reformed Home Missions.

"We really want to be a church that is making a difference in our community, instead of just having Sunday services," he says. "So we needed to find a place that could be the center of our ministry to this city."

That's why The Journey recently opened a new ministry center in downtown Kitchener. The facility, which was purchased by the church and renovated with the help of community members, is "a place for us to work and reach out to a city in need," Van Giessen says.

The new ministry center means the church now has more space and the opportunity to expand its community programs, since it is located on a high-traffic corner with a lot of visibility.

"It's on a major bus route and gives us more exposure," he adds. "At least five times a week, people walking by stop in and ask for directions, so we invite them to have coffee with us and we tell them about our church. It's a nice low-key way for us to minister to them."

The center also has meeting rooms for small groups, creative arts, and pastoral ministry, as well as a special room designed for reflection and prayer.

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