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Christian Reformed Home Missions exists to serve the churches, ministries, and members of the Christian Reformed Church in North America through partnerships that work to fulfill Christ’s mission.

Home Missions partners with classes and local churches to

  • support educational ministries.

  • help existing churches become mission-focused.

  • encourage church planting.

  • train leaders for churches and ministries.

  • promote spiritual growth through prayer and small groups, such as Coffee Break.

What’s New

Church planters are usually succeeded by pastors. Home Missions is beginning to identify the essential qualities of pastors who follow church planters and begin to take their churches to the next step of development. “This is a critical leadership transition,” said Jim Osterhouse, who heads up a cross-agency team that is developing a “second step” pastor profile. Osterhouse hopes to use Home Missions’ DIRECTIONS assessment process to identify “second step” pastors. “The need for church planters is still urgent,” he said, “but DIRECTIONS can help guide others to fruitful kingdom service as well.”

Representatives from Home Missions and CRWRC are working together to help congregations to address injustice locally. “Often new churches are planted in areas where justice issues are ministry issues,” said Denise Stevenson, Home Missions’ church planting and development leader. “Sometimes responding to a justice issue opens the door for a new church plant,” she said.

The unique needs of smaller churches have not escaped Home Missions’ attention. Larry Meyer, smaller church specialist, notes mission renewal in smaller CRC churches such as Redeeming Love Community CRC in East Grand Forks, Minn.; Colton (S.D.) CRC; and Bethel CRC in Shiprock, N.M.

Ministry shares, gifts, offerings, and prayers offered by faithful friends allow Home Missions to support the mission of CRC congregations. Thank you for caring enough to give and pray.

United States 800-266-2175 or 616-224-0772
Canada 800-730-3490 or 905-336-2920

Quick Facts
  • In the past fiscal year, 14 existing CRC churches received partnership grants for staff or programs that will help them reach more people for Christ.

  • Among 326 smaller CRC churches (150 or fewer members), 10 received salary subsidy, 58 received technology grants, 28 received program assistance for outreach, and 25 received aid for continuing education.

  • Two smaller churches received Heritage Church grants, two received transitional grants, and seven smaller Red Mesa churches also received grant funding.

  • Home Missions supports 23 campus ministries: 10 in the United States and 13 in Canada.

  • Last fiscal year, Home Missions funded 91 new churches, two residents, and two parent churches. On July 1, HM began funding for 16 additional new churches. Twenty-two new sites have been approved for funding; four are actively looking for church planters.

  • Thirteen Leadership Development Networks are training evangelists in English-, Korean-, and Spanish-speaking communities.

  • Twenty students are enrolled in online classes for new church developers in partnership with Reformed Bible College and Calvin Theological Seminary. The first graduate is expected in May 2006.

  • Home Missions provides funding for seven internships by which leaders are trained for outreach and discipleship. New interns are added almost monthly.

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