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Fred wants his children to develop a heart for mission outreach. So, as part of their evening supper tradition, his family prays together using the CRC Prayer Guide. Sometimes Fred and his wife get out a globe so their three children can locate countries mentioned in the prayer requests.

“We love the Prayer Guide,” says Fred. “We have been impressed with the powerful stories of people responding to ministries across the globe.”

Fred’s prayers and heart for missions also prompted him to action. Inspired by the stories in the Prayer Guide, Fred and his wife decided it would be a good time for them to step up their giving, and they sent a financial gift in support of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI). He noted that the current economic downturn has curtailed people’s ability to give, but feels his job is fairly secure.

“We are grateful for Fred’s prayers and gifts at this time,” said BTGMI director Bob Heerspink. “As we face challenging economic times, there are great things in ministry to report. It’s critically important that during a time of financial challenge we don’t lose sight of the way God continues to work through our media ministry.”

Fred gave permission to share his story (without using his last name) to encourage others to pray and give in support of missions.

The Prayer Guide is produced by the combined ministries of the CRC to help church members pray specifically for the mission outreach of our denomination. Fred picks up his printed copy from his local church. Ask your pastor or church administrator for copies of the Prayer Guide, or e-mail

You can also access prayer requests online at To receive current prayer requests weekly by email, go to

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