Young Adult Reps Hopeful About the Church

Young Adult Reps Hopeful About the Church
Young adult representatives, from left: Kristy Bootsma, Lydia Verstrate, Ben VanderWindt, Izhar Alvarez, Benjamin Boersma, Robyn Stegink, and Jenna Rodermond.
Photo: Karen Huttenga for The Banner
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This year’s young adult representatives were impressed—and encouraged—by the processes of church government.

“People our age know very little about how the church is run,” said Jenna Rodermond.

“I’m blessed to be here,” said Ben VanderWindt. “I’ve seen the power of the denominational voice compared to individualism.”

“The amount of passion here gives me hope,” added Kristy Bootsma.

Izhar Alvarez agreed. “They’re actually talking about situations and not putting them under the rug.”

“A lot of care goes into this process,” said Lydia Verstrate. “How special it is to be here and be part of the church and see how widespread it is. To hear the perspectives of people across the U.S. and Canada.”

Robyn Stegink said she would use her experience at synod to become more involved in the church in the future.

Rodermond cast a vision for synod’s future: “I hope that in 10 years we won’t need young adult representatives because there will be so many young people as delegates on the floor of synod.”

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