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Sergeant-at-Arms Herds Delegates Back to Work


Ethnic advisor Caleb Dickson is Synod 2015’s sergeant-at-arms. Appointed by synod, the sergeant-at-arms is charged with herding delegates back to the floor at the end of every break. His task may seem simple, but with over 200 people to herd, Dickson’s breaks are busy.

To grab everyone’s attention, Dickson said, “I don’t have a shepherd’s crook, so I borrow a whistler. I can’t do the two-finger whistle, but I always find someone who can.”

During breaks, Dickson wears his Indiana Jones hat so people can identify him easily. “It’s been quite an experience,” Dickson said.

This is Dickson’s second synod: “I’ve been amazed at the respect people have . . . and how everyone’s been handling everything with such grace. Our denomination is connecting in important ways.”


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