Ethnic Advisors Share Reactions to Synod 2015

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Ethnic advisor John Saa Lendein was “overwhelmed and happy” to be participating in Synod 2015. “I get to see how the church works from the ground level, and at any time we [ethnic advisers] can get up and talk,” he said. He took the opportunity to speak on the floor of synod, and was happy that he had.

“Being here opens my eyes to what happens at synod,” said fellow advisor Lee Khang. “I have a new appreciation for what the delegates do.” However, he added, “they don’t really ask for our opinions. We have to offer them. It shouldn’t be that way.”

Carlinda Peoples agreed: “As an advisor, I haven’t done any advising. I thought someone might ask me ‘What do you think?’” Later, Peoples did speak on the floor of synod.

Janelia Smiley said that she was asked for her opinions during advisory committee meetings. Still, she added, “at times I just sat there.”


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