Blankets Help Celebrate Adoption

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When Maricopa County celebrated National Adoption Day on November 23 at the county courthouse, Gina Addink Bohnett helped make it more special.

Bohnett and her mother, Mary Addink, both members of Phoenix (Ariz.) Christian Reformed Church, coordinated efforts to create 311 blankets with the help of about 100 friends and volunteers. The blankets are part of the church’s outreach ministry.

Bohnett, a foster mother with three adopted children of her own, said, “When we adopted our children, two of them came with blankets, and two did not receive these blankets. We wanted every family to receive these blankets on their adoption day, as a beginning of special memories.”

This year, each adopted child received a gift bag that included a handmade blanket, teddy bear, commemorative picture frame, Frisbee, and bubbles as part of the festivities on Saturday. The event included games, music, and a picnic.

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Shashi DeHaan is the Banner's regional news correspondent for classes Arizona and Red Mesa.