Synod 2012 Gives Faint Praise to Office of Social Justice

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When it came to reviewing the work of the Christian Reformed Church’s Office of Social Justice and Hunger Action (OSJ), Synod 2012 offered faint praise.

Elder Mick Vanden Bosch, Classis Iakota: “The [OSJ] has been very selective in one end of the political spectrum in what they choose to advocate for.”
Photo: Karen Huttenga

Several delegates preferred to simply “recognize” its work, but by a vote of 95-75, Synod “commended” OSJ instead.

Delegates who spoke against commending OSJ disagree with the way the agency interprets its principles. “The [OSJ] has been very selective in one end of the political spectrum in what they choose to advocate for,” said Elder Mick Vanden Bosch of Classis Iakota.

Deputy Executive Director Peter Borgdorff defended the agency’s director and work: “Peter Vander Meulen is one of the denomination’s best employees. Not to commend them is saying that you don’t trust what they are doing.”

“Whether or not we agree with it, they’re still doing good work,” said Rev. Brian Kuyper, Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan.


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I wish to thank Mick Vanden Bosch for pointing out an ongoing biased approach by OSJ.  Several years ago I asked OSJ to be more active & open in the battle concerning the greatest injustice in NA, namely abortion, but was rebuffed. If OSJ is not willing to engage this issue then this office is not worth supporting.