Synod 2012 Thanks Koopmans, Borgdorff

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Synod expressed its thanks to Rev. William Koopmans and Rev. Peter Borgdorff for their work on the Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee (EIRC), especially in their efforts to help the denomination study the Belhar Confession.

Rev. Peter Borgdorff (left) and Rev. William Koopmans were thanked for their work on the Belhar Confession.
Photo: Karen Huttenga

Koopmans has been the chair of the EIRC for the past five years.

“[Rev. Koopmans] completes six years of very, very good service on the EIRC,” said Rev. Bruce Persenaire, vice president of Synod 2012. “Being our spokesperson, being our host and our greeter—I just want to say thank you to William for your fine service to synod and the EIRC.”

Koopmans, in turn, expressed thanks to Borgdorff on behalf of the church. Persenaire described Borgdorff as the “champion of the Belhar.”

“I’m so thankful for how he facilitated the work of the EIRC through all of that time. He represented his material with clarity, but he always did it with grace [and] respect for people who differed from him,” said Koopmans.

“[Peter’s] leadership was more than capable, more than outstanding. I would say it was excellent,” he said, drawing laughter from delegates because synod had debated the use of the word “excellent” in describing the Belhar.

Synod heartily applauded both men.


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Synod thanked Peter Borgdorf and William Koopmans for their work on the Belhar;  on behalf of all the overtures and councils against adopting the Belhar as a confession, I would like to thank John Cooper, Doug VandeGriend, and Eric Verhulst for expressing their cogent arguments against adopting the Belhar.  I would also like to thank all those who spent much time and effort in drafting overtures which clearly expressed the problems and difficulties with adopting this statement or declaration as a confession in the CRCNA.   Their excellent hard work is appreciated, and it also contributes to the the benefit of the future of the CRCNA, as well as to the glory of God, and to the recognition of scripture as our authoritative Word of God.