Brothers, Son-in-Law Attend Synod


Synod has become a family affair for Revs. George Koopmans, William Koopmans, and Albert Postma.

Rev. William Koopmans (center) with his brother George Koopmans, and his son in law Albert Postma.
Photo: Karen Huttenga

William and George are brothers, and Albert is William’s son-in-law. The family contains a mix of both synod experience and fresh blood.

William served as president of Synod 2009 and has attended 14 synods, seven as a delegate and seven as a committee representative. He is the chairman of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee (EIRC).

George, of Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan, has attended three synods, and Albert, of Classis Lake Superior, is attending his first synod this year. At 28, he is also the youngest delegate at synod.


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