Advisors Bring Ethnic Minority Views to Synod

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“[Ethnic advisors] address cultural differences,” said Rev. Roger Ryu, a Korean-American. “If you ask for an African-American, Korean-American, or Native American context or view, then we will interject into the process.”

(l-r) Rev. Giannia Gracia, Pastor Angela Taylor Perry, Sue Silversmith, and Rev. Roger Ryu. Not pictured: Pastor Jeffrey Hough.
Photo: Karen Huttenga

The group of five represents African-American, Korean-American, Native American, and Hispanic perspectives.

Each member is serving as an ethnic adviser for the first time. The number of ethnic advisers is up from three in 2011. Each year, synod has enough ethnic advisors to bring ethnic representation up to 25 delegates, with a maximum of seven.


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