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No Union Classes with Reformed Church in America

(L-r) Ed Henson, Joel Dykxhoorn, Nathan Heemskerk

Elder Jose Rayas: “We are looking for something that would allow us to work with the classes of the RCA.”
Photo: Karen Huttenga

Synod 2012 said no to a request to allow a classis (a regional group of churches) to belong to both the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America (RCA).

The request came from Classis Arizona. “[We] have been doing a lot of work in conjunction with the RCA,” said Elder José Rayas from that classis. “What we are looking for is to have something, maybe a new article [of] the Church Order, that would allow us to work with the classes of the RCA.”

The CRC currently allows for union churches, in which a single church can be a member of both the CRC and RCA.

However, synod did not approve the change because this request lacked specifics.

“We understand the reason and the foundation for the overture, but you’ve presented nothing upon which synod can act,” said Rev. Timothy Toeset, Classis Yellowstone.


Synod 2012

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