New Mexico River Run Benefits Children

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Children, adults, and entire families showed up in Berg Park in Farmington, N.M., for the annual River Run for Orphans.

Participants in this year’s River Run for Orphans raised more than $5,000.

After children dashed through the one-mile portion, adults followed in the 5K event, raising more than $5,000 for programs and agencies that serve children who are orphaned.

Members of Maranatha Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in Farmington raised funds ($2,100) for Navajo Ministries, which supports three homes for Navajo children who are orphaned or in transition.

Susan LaClear, pastor of the church and coordinator of the Farmington run, said the River Run was a unifying and community-building event. “I’ve been involved in ecumenical efforts to bring churches together for worship, but there are many barriers caused by different styles and liturgies,” she said. “It occurred to me that we might unify more easily around a common cause. It is a biblical mandate to help orphans, and Christians of many denominations see the value in this kind of service.”

LaClear said it is also an effort that many non-Christians in the community want to support.

After the race, people could learn about opportunities to serve and support orphans worldwide at an Orphans Around the World Expo.

The River Run for Orphans has raised $124,000 since 2008 and is held in several cities.

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