Iowa Girl Appointed Student Ambassador

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At the end of seventh grade, most kids think ahead to evenings with friends, trips with family, and three months without school.

Hanah Roelfs

Hanah Roelfs, a member of Bethel Christian Reformed Church and a student at Rock Valley Christian School, is thinking about a trip to Europe.

She will embark on a 21-day educational trip as part of the People to People Student Ambassador program, which allows nominated students to experience the world as a way to learn more about it.

Hanah was one of several students nominated by teachers at her school, but she is the only student from her school going.

Hanah will take classes and write papers about each of the countries she visits. Even preparing for the trip requires 12 hours of class. At this point, she knows she will see Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

In each place she will be immersed in the culture, staying with host families from time to time. The trip is set for the end of June.

When asked what she’s most looking forward to, Hanah doesn’t hesitate. “Meeting new friends,” she says eagerly. “One of the girls who went on the trip before still sends letters back.”

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Kate Padilla is a staff writer at the Spencer Daily Reporter in Spencer, Iowa, where she is a member of Hope Church.


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Hanah is sooo cute! Wow how do you get her on here?

This is really a once in a lifetime experience! Good for you Hanah!