Medenblik Inaugurated as President of Calvin Seminary

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Rev. Jul Medenblik was inaugurated Oct. 15 as the seventh president of Calvin Theological Seminary, in a ceremony that included laying on of hands and Medenblik washing the feet of four people on the stage of the Calvin College Covenant Fine Arts Center.



Rev. Jul Medenblik: “We are marked by [Christ’s] love.”
(Photo: Paul Stoub)

The theme of the service, “Called to Serve,” was printed on towels given to everyone who attended the event.


Medenblik practiced law before entering the ministry in 1995. He spent 16 years leading New Life Christian Reformed Church in New Lenox, Ill., before taking up leadership of the CRC’s seminary.

“It is Jesus Christ who we are to follow,” Medenblik said in his address. “We are marked by his love, and we are to share that love with others. . . . May our attention turn to Jesus, and may we serve others as he has served us.”

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