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Iowa Pastor Hosts Spanish-language Radio Program


When Rev. Gianni Gracia moved from Miami to Sioux Center, Iowa, three years ago, it was to lead a Spanish-speaking Christian Reformed church called Amistad Cristiana.

He didn’t know that the job included hosting a weekly radio program. He’d never worked in radio before.

Rev. Gianni Gracia: “Mostly I hear people talking about the show at the store or along the street.” (Photo: Scott France)

Every week Gracia tapes a half-hour program called “Parabolas para Hoy” (“Parables for Today”), which runs at 1 p.m. each Sunday on station KSOU.

The Spanish-language broadcast reaches approximately 5,000 listeners across Sioux County. And because the program can be downloaded online, Gracia discovered he also has listeners in Miami and Argentina.

Gracia tells stories of everyday life that promote the values of the community. Among other messages, he tries to focus on stories of hope. He calls it “relational evangelism.”

The program is well-received. “I receive some e-mails, but mostly I hear people talking about the show at the store or along the street,” he said.

“Parabolas para Hoy” is one of just two Spanish-language radio programs in Sioux County, and Gracia has noticed a direct link between his program and the growth of Amistad Cristiana.

“Many people come to the church via the program,” he noted. “We've got three or four families right now [who came because of it].”

The show can be heard on KSOU 93.9 FM in Sioux County or downloaded from the station’s website.

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