Grilling for God in Central California


Faith Christian Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, Calif., emits an aroma pleasing to the Lord.

They use their culinary expertise to feed people in their community who are homeless, and they also cook for various non-profit events in the San Francisco Bay area.

Members of Faith Christian Fellowship CRC minister with their grills.

Nearly eight years ago, Rod Verrips and Harvey Dykstra, members of Faith Christian Fellowship, started talking, bought a smoker and grills, and the rest is history, said Dykstra.

Almost monthly the men get together to grill chicken for the local Loaves and Fishes ministry, which provides hot, nutritious weekday meals to those who need them in Contra Costa County. They cook whole chickens and send them to the center for the volunteers who serve the meals. Usually four to five people are needed for any event. 

“We rarely have any problems getting help from other members at church, especially men, as everybody seems to like to barbecue,” said Dykstra.

The men break out their grills for annual events like church picnics and assorted fundraisers.

“It’s fun and enjoyable, and you get to meet people,” said Dykstra.

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