Rules Changed for Pastors Loaned to Other Denominations

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Synod 2011 has removed the requirement that pastors serving outside of the denomination must try to bring their churches into the Christian Reformed Church “as a matter of duty.”

Instead synod said that the pastors should see their situation as an opportunity to encourage the church to affiliate with the CRC.

“The intent is that they would use their opportunity as Reformed leaders to impact that group and possibly bring them into the denomination,” explained Rev. Timothy Ouwinga, Classis Minnkota.

The committee did not believe pastors should be forced to try to bring their churches into the CRC. “To demand it was the concern of the group,” said Ouwinga.

The change came after a regional group of churches requested that the requirement be completely removed. “We didn’t feel like there was wisdom in just leaving that gap, so we have a replacement,” said Ouwinga.

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Ryan Struyk was a former Banner news correspondent for classes Grand Rapids South and Thornapple Valley.