CRC Affirms Commitment to Baptism

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“In a time of significant change it is wise for all of us—working together as a denomination and in partnership with our ecumenical partners worldwide—to discern and then promote biblically faithful sacramental practices.”

Synod 2011 delegates heard that message from the denomination’s Faith Formation Committee and endorsed a landmark reflection on the “indispensible gift” of the sacrament of baptism.

Titled “Affirming Baptism and Forming Faith,” the new guide is carefully structured in small, digestible sections, and is targeted at teachers, parents, church councils, or small groups studying faith formation and the sacraments.

Rev. Jacob Van de Hoef, Classis Eastern Canada, said, “May that document live and not collect dust.”

Affirming Baptism and Forming Faith” is already translated into Korean and is supplemented with a study guide and sermon series suggestions.

For more coverage while synod is in session, including webcasts, photos, a discussion forum, reports, and more, visit the Synod 2011 website.

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I'm sorry but it wasn't be "unanimously". You are wrong

"In a time of significant change it is wise discern and then promote biblically faith sacramental practices."— Now that synod is open to pluralism. It might be a good time for congregations to promote and obey the biblical mandate for believers baptism, by immersion, in the church.

Sorry for the mixup, Mr. Caicedo. I heard no opposing votes on the floor, and could not hear any double-checking against the webcast. Yet I should not have assumed it was unanimous. I've requested the article be fixed.