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Woman Testifies to Asthma Healing


Alison Siefken suffered with asthma for 16 years. People in church prayed every Sunday that the now 29-year-old wife and mother of three would gain healing.

Siefken, who attends New Hope Fellowship in Holland, Iowa (a ministry of Classis Northcentral Iowa), noticed improvement after a particular service in October 2007. That day she was anointed with oil.

Since then Siefken has experienced gradual healing and now believes she is completely free of asthma.

“It’s definitely the hand of God,” she said.

“I know the clinical signs and symptoms of asthma, and I don’t have them anymore,” said Siefken, who is studying for a bachelor’s degree in nursing. “Everyday, I get a confirmation from the Lord that it is totally gone.

“I’m totally off my medication. I have not had any medication for four months.”

Siefken says her lungs are clear, she doesn’t lose her breath in the cold like before, she has no shakiness or tightness in her chest, and doesn’t need to carry her rescue inhaler anymore. In the past she battled one or two asthma attacks per day.

“There were a lot of things I couldn’t do,” she said. “My husband and I basically had to plan our lives around it.”

Now Siefken can sing better, go for walks, play with her children, and dance.

“[The children] love it,” she said. “They have their mom back.”

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