Redeemer College Gets Stimulus Money

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Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, will receive $2.9 million of economic stimulus money from the Canadian federal government.

Private Christian institutions are not usually on the receiving end of government funding in Canada. “Not only is this the largest single grant in Redeemer’s history, it marks the first time we have received capital funding from the federal government,” said college president Justin Cooper.

The investment will cover one-half of the total cost of 25 different projects that make up the Academic Complex Renewal project at the school. “These funds will allow us to upgrade our science labs and increase our capacity for research and teaching in the natural sciences. We will also be using this investment to upgrade the efficiency and sustainability of our academic building,” said Cooper.

The investment is part of the Canadian government’s two-year, $2 billion plan to repair and expand research and educational facilities at Canadian colleges and universities. The program provides economic stimulus and promotes employment by creating jobs for engineers, architects, tradespeople, and technicians. It will also help generate the advanced technological infrastructure needed to keep Canada’s colleges and universities at the forefront of scientific advancement.

David Sweet, the Member of Parliament for the riding where Redeemer is located, said, “Building knowledge infrastructure is so critical to our economy in the short term and long term. . . . This is a great day for Redeemer University College.”

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