Perfect Score - Ontario Teen Gets Perfect Score!

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Braden Cok, who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 74 seconds and excels at soccer, volleyball, and math, achieved a perfect score in a Canada-wide grade 8 math contest.

Braden, 13, is the youngest of Rev. Vicky and Dennis Cok’s three children. He attends Laurentian Hills Christian School and is a member of Waterloo Christian Reformed Church, where his mom is the pastor.

The Gauss Contest is a multiple-choice test written over 60 minutes, created and administered by the University of Waterloo. Last year, it was taken by 80,000 students. Braden’s perfect score puts him in the top one-third of one percent of kids who took the test.

“I like anything to do with math concepts, really. I like theoretical stuff,” said Braden, who enjoys studying space and loves learning new things. “I didn’t know for sure that I had gotten perfect, but after taking the test I knew there was a pretty good chance that I had.”

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