Colorado Church Provides Bibles for Prisoners

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What started as a weekly prison ministry by Cragmor Christian Reformed Church has evolved into a large-scale distribution of study Bibles.

The Colorado Springs, Colo., church was holding weekly worship services for inmates when Frank Verhey and Rev. Steve Alsum saw a need for study Bibles.

Verhey received support from the congregation and arranged to purchase some Bibles at a discount.

A visit with the chaplain at the federal prison in Florence, Colo., led to another request for Bibles, bringing the total number of study Bibles distributed to more than 200.

 “Those who have received a study Bible cannot say enough about how much it has helped in their walk with the Lord,” Verhey said.

Verhey said the vision is to spread this ministry beyond Colorado. He hopes other Christian Reformed congregations will consider joining in.

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