Ontario Team Restores Lives While Restoring Homes


"Every church should do it!" exclaimed Bill Kuyvenhoven about a service project he participated in for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.

Kuyvenhoven and seven others aged 23 to 85 from Cephas Christian Reformed Church traveled from Peterborough, Ontario, to Delphi, Ind., to help people in that community who had been affected by the flooding of the Tippecanoe River the previous winter.

The team hammered nails to lay new subfloors, painted, insulated, and helped restore homes to a liveable condition. They also helped restore the lives of people who had been surviving in trailers. One homeowner spent his days with the volunteer workers—even though he could hardly walk, he wanted to help them fix his house.

Kuyvenhoven said the heartfelt thankfulness of that owner and of other people who received help left a lasting impression on the Cephas group. They had gone to help others, but they found themselves blessed too.