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Iraqi Presbyterians Beg for Aid


In an open letter to the Middle East Reformed Fellowship, Yousif Al-Saka, general secretary of Presbyterian Churches in Iraq, appealed for aid for Christians in Iraq.

In addition to the hardships facing all Iraqis—absence of security, no infrastructure to deliver water and electricity, and random bombings—Christians in some areas are being specifically targeted.

“Intentional attacks have started lately on Christian families, forcing them to migrate from some areas in Baghdad,” Al-Saka wrote. Christian families are being told to denounce their religion or be sacked from their home, leaving behind everything they own.

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees confirmed in December that Christians are being persecuted in Iraq.

“To solve part of the problem, we need to find shelter or residence for these families, sheets, covers and clothing, food and uncontaminated water, as well as medical treatment and drugs, especially for children and the elderly,” Al-Saka wrote. “These things require no small amount of money in order to fulfill, and the church cannot provide it within its present own capabilities.”

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is working with churches in Syria and Jordan to help meet the needs of Iraqi refugees who have been displaced. To make a donation, call 1-800-552-7972 (U.S.) or 1-800-730-3490 (Canada) or visit

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