Convoy Arrives Safely in Darfur


The mission to deliver 28 vehicles to aid workers in war-torn Darfur, Sudan, ended successfully in mid-October. Two of those vehicles were purchased by the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC).

Getting the trucks to Darfur posed significant dangers. A few days before the vehicles passed through the region, four aid workers from another organization were badly beaten. The organizers of the mission decided to drive in a convoy and asked Christians to pray for safety for their journey.

Despite the potential dangers, drivers met few obstacles along the way and gave God thanks for the uneventful trip.

 “We have two additional vehicles, and that means we can do so much more than on oxcarts and donkeys,” said Jacob Kramer, international relief coordinator for CRWRC.

The vehicles will be used by CRWRC and other organizations as they work in Darfur to care for 90,000 refugees. The program, with a budget of about $2.6 million CDN is providing food, vegetable seed, animals, latrines, wells, fuel-efficient stoves, tree seedlings, and health-related services to people in the El Geneina area of Darfur.

CRWRC is working in collaboration with World Relief, World Concern, Food for the Hungry International, MAP International, and NorthWest Medical Teams International.

—CRC News Service

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