Classis Minnkota Celebrates CRC’s 150th

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Churches from Classis Minnkota (a regional group of congregations) gathered in Edgerton, Minn., to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Christian Reformed Church.

Churches from Minnesota included Luverne CRC, Pipestone CRC, Chandler CRC, Worthington CRC, Ebenezer CRC in Leota, and Bethel CRC and First CRC of Edgerton. They were joined by Colton (S.D.) CRC.

A mass choir from all the churches sang “The Song of the Redeemed.” Also joining the celebration were the Southwest Christian choir and an Ethiopian choir from Worthington.

“It was a nice time to get every congregation together to remember where we’ve been, how we got here, and where we’re going,” said Greg Masselink of First CRC in Edgerton.

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Paul Delger is a long time professional writer and inspirational speaker to young people and lives in Kanawha, Iowa.