Canadian CRC Calls for Action on Abortion


The Canadian Ministries Office of the Christian Reformed Church is calling on Canadian CRC members to speak out against abortion by writing to Canada’s governor general and prime minister and talking with local members of Parliament.

The call comes after the government of Canada awarded the Order of Canada to Henry Morgantaler, a prominent abortion- rights activist. The Order of Canada is the country’s highest civilian honor.

The award raised the ire of many pro-life advocates, and several previous winners of the Order have sent their medals back to the government in protest.

In a letter to Christian Reformed churches in Canada, Rev. Bruce Adema, the director of Canadian Ministries, wrote, “Dr. Morgentaler’s appointment is a vivid public reminder of the tragedy of abortion in Canada. Let us use this reminder as a catalyst to prayer and action for the unborn and the lives of vulnerable people everywhere.”

 “We want to see the churches speak out on this issue,” said Adema. “But we would like to see them do it in a way that shows the Christian virtue of love and respect for those in authority.”