Calls for Mid-East Peace

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The World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) has called on all its member churches to pray for those suffering in the Middle East and to pray for lasting justice.

“We call upon all parties to agree to an immediate cease-fire,” the letter said. “The borders of Gaza must be opened to humanitarian aid.”

WARC condemned actions of both parties. “The rockets from Gaza aimed at Israeli communities cannot be condoned,” said the letter signed by WARC president Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick and General Secretary Rev. Setri Nyomi. “We strongly condemn the air and ground assaults from the Israeli Defence Forces leading to senseless deaths and injury.”

The CRC’s executive director, Rev. Jerry Dykstra, has also written to national U.S. leaders, stating he is troubled by “the disproportionate Israeli retaliation on Gaza.”

“I support Israel’s right … to defend itself, and [I] deplore the indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas…. I do not, however, believe any nation has the right to respond with the disproportionate levels of violence we are seeing from Israel. This is in no sense a ‘just war’ response,” writes Dykstra.

The CRC desires to become more active in promoting peaceful and just resolutions to conflict, he said.

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