God-centered Stewardship

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When Calvin Theological Seminary partnered with the Barnabas Foundation last October to present the third annual Christians and Money Conference, it did so in a creative way—with a speaker and a singer/composer.

Those attending not only listened and learned, they also sang. One wrote of gaining “a fresh vision of God-centered stewardship.”

This fresh vision came through the partnership of well-known musician and composer Ken Medema and Mark L. Vincent, lead partner with Design for Ministry, a network of consultants that helps ministries, nonprofits, and service-minded businesses increase their capacity for service.

The combo was a hit. One church leader said, “I loved the pairing of Ken and Mark. It was surprising and showed how giving can be a form of worship!” Another commented that “the melding of the two different approaches to the message really worked.” The combination of “the intellectual and the emotional” made for “a deeper presentation,” said another participant.

With the world economy facing enormous challenges and transitions, pastors and churches can use help in putting money and finances in a proper perspective. The Barnabas Foundation is happy to help other churches interested in resources on stewardship.

You can contact Barnabas at www.barnabasfoundation.com.

About the Author

Rev. Kathy Smith is senior associate director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, adjunct professor of church polity at Calvin Theological Seminary, and adjunct professor of congregational and ministry studies at Calvin University. She is a member of First CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich.