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Netherlands-based Trinity provides listeners with an upbeat, fun, and enthusiastic extended play-project called “Trinity Street.” The brothers Johan, Elbert, and Niek Smelt along with longtime friend Bert Bos offer four new songs out of five. “Trinity Street treasures the past while simultaneously propelling us forward to a future,” said Elbert in a release. “With a childlike trust and heartfelt wonder, we look for God in friend and stranger and in his first incarnation: creation. ‘Trinity Street’ is an invitation to join the crazy family. To dance the night away toward a bright new morning full of beauty and enough love for everybody.” The chorus of the title cut states, “We are one and many; We just really want the same; We are flesh and bones for a million homes; With many stories, many names; But we are a crazy family with everyone we meet; So come and join the party down on Trinity Street.” This record boasts a heavy dose of folk with a dash of Celtic feeling; it’s just an unique, joyful sound. Listeners will want to participate with voice, hands, or feet—and maybe all three. (Fuel Music)

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