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If the sameness in Christian music has you frustrated, the band Trinity offers a unique freshness with its offering, “The In Between.” Three Dutch brothers, Elbert, Johan and Niek Smelt, formed the group in the Netherlands and were missionary kids in Lima, Peru. That accounts for the global sounds in this record, filled with South American and Irish folk and African beats. The instrumentation is rich, including saxophone, acoustic and bass guitars, percussion and woodwinds. The music itself cuts down relational and cultural barriers and could appeal to someone living in various parts of the world. The song, “Wherever We Go” expresses that people are basically the same all over the planet. We are all, the lyrics state, “thirsty for love, hungry for hope.” “Beautiful Mess” celebrates victory in brokenness—“We’re a beautiful mess, no one here to impress, we’re just temporary tragedies, one big messed-up family.” The record beholds honesty and redemption in a style that begs for listening.  (The Fuel Music)

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