Lionheart by Awaken Worship

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Awaken Worship, the music ministry of California-based Awaken Church, drops its debut album, “Lionheart.” It focuses on “giving the suffering a voice and the persecuted a battle cry.” The project offers eight tracks and provides listeners with a musical variety. The title cut possesses a bluegrass feel and a touch of country, while “Sound of Heaven” pumps one up via strong guitar play. The ballad, “King of Glory,” soothes with simple beauty. The chorus states: “When I sing your praise, I see the breakthrough; When I sing your name, I see the way through; You have the last say, and every knee will bow before you; Jesus, you are the king of glory.” “Our church is really big on the power of actually physically speaking out the precepts, promises, and principles of God,” said band leader Mike Yeager in a release. “We want to make music that people will listen to who don’t even listen to Christian music. The goal of our music program is really a mission’s effort.” This music can speak to non-Christians and Christians with a quiet, celebratory tone.

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