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Thrive Worship, the musical arm of Bayside Church headquartered in northern California, provides a spirited worship experience with its five-song EP, “Let’s Have Church.” Dubbed “a church for people who don’t like church,” this live recording focuses on sharing the gospel with everyone. "Thrive Worship is just an extension of what's happening in our walls," Corbin Phillips explains. "We know when we're writing songs from the heartbeat of testimonies within our church, of our own testimonies or what we've seen God do in our services." The music offers a solid pop sound with a strong undercurrent of God's power to change people’s lives. A prime example is the song “Pour Your Spirit Out,” available in two versions. One contains Phillips’ personal testimony of how God helped him overcome 19 years of panic attacks. Part of the radio version says, “Just like Lazarus; Out of that grave; Our God rewrites history; Jesus, You change everything; When you pour your Spirit out; Just like Silas; Singing with Paul; Praise can break down prison walls; Jesus, you can have it all; Won’t you pour your Spirit out.” This record lives up to its title and invites one and all to church. (Integrity Music)

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