My Jesus EP (Live from Nashville) by Anne Wilson

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New Christian artist Anne Wilson rocketed up the music charts with her first single, “My Jesus,” and the selection now serves as the headliner on the five-song EP titled My Jesus (Live from Nashville). The record features two other previously released songs, “Devil” and “Something About that Name,” plus a cover for “Boondocks” by the country group Little Big Town. The lone new song is “No Place Like Home,” a tribute to Wilson’s brother Jacob who died in a car accident at 23. The selection “My Jesus” comes from the 19-year-old’s journal where she always refers to Jesus as “My Jesus” when discussing her relationship with him. It’s an invitation for others to experience Jesus like Wilson. The chorus says in part: “He makes a way where there ain’t no way; Rises up from an empty grave; Ain’t no sinner that he can’t save; Let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus.” The sound spells country as two of Wilson’s biggest influencers are Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. So grab your cowboy hat and boots and settle in for a fresh voice that possesses wondrous potential. (Capitol Music Group)

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