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First15 has amassed a solid worldwide following with its early-morning devotional, and now First15 Worship offers a five-song EP, The Invitation. “Through First15 we’re already helping more than a million believers around the world begin their day with God,” said First15 founder Craig Dension in a release. “And now, with The Invitation, we’re creating worship for the weekday to help you find and keep a meaningful connection with your Creator." The music combines celebration with soothing tones. The focus centers on God’s majesty and his personal dealings with his people. One highlight includes the song, “Your Love Never Fails Me.” The first verse says: “You are not a God that breaks his promises / You are not a God that won’t come through / You are not a God that ever fails me / Though a thousand times have I failed you.” Another highlight is the tune “Build Your Kingdom.” Part of the chorus states, “Come and build your kingdom / With my broken pieces / ‘Til the whole world sees you in glory / With my heart surrendered / Light a fire from embers.” This recording lends itself not only to the morning but throughout the day. (First15 Worship)

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