Live at Church by Josh Baldwin

Live at Church
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Josh Baldwin shines as one of the leading musicians for Bethel Music for good reason. The guy makes impactful, stirring music. Baldwin recorded his first live EP, “Live at Church,” at the Bethel Music School. It features previously released songs such as “Let the Redeemed” and “You Deserve It All,” plus an unreleased one: “My King Forever.” “This song came out of a desire to write a worship song that felt like a timeless love letter to King Jesus," Baldwin said in a release. The chorus says, “All praise to the Lord most high; All praise to the one who saved my life; All praise to Jesus Christ, High king of heaven, My king forever.” The EP contains seven upbeat songs that beg to be sung along with. Baldwin’s voice is strong, clear, and passionate. “My heart has always been to write songs for the church and for corporate worship around the world, and I pray that this album brings the church fresh encounters with the presence of God,” he said. (Bethel Music)


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