Unplugged For The People by Tenth Avenue North

Unplugged For The People
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In their last album as a band, Tenth Avenue North rewind and unplug to bring new life to some of their greatest hits. Unplugged For The People is just that—an intimate, acoustic collection that fans have always wanted.

“I can’t tell you how many people have always asked, ‘Would you guys do a stripped-back kind of record?’” frontman Mike Donehey shared in an IGTV video on Instagram. “So this is it—the songs you listen to the most done in the style you asked us to do.”

The album features 10 of the band’s hit songs over the years, including “By Your Side,” “Love Is Here,” “Control,” and “I Have This Hope.” With an emphasis on acoustic guitar and piano, the new dynamic allows listeners to savor the lyrics and relish the raw emotions that Tenth Avenue North is known for exploring in song. Even though some of the tracks were already mellow in nature, the acoustic versions hold even more beauty in their simplicity.

To be sure, Unplugged is a delightfully simple ending to Tenth Avenue North’s rather simple beginning: a few friends making music in a college dorm room in the year 2000. Over the last two decades, this turned into a band that has toured the globe, produced nine albums, and earned multiple Dove Awards. In February, Tenth Avenue North announced that their now-postponed “Finally Living” tour would be their last.

Unplugged was recorded this spring during lockdown, with the musicians recording their parts separately and sending files to one another as they quarantined. Born out of a bittersweet season, these reimagined songs of struggle, yearning and hope underscore that God is still there through it all—a much-needed reminder for this year. (Provident)

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